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Evening meeting every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month 5.15 pm 7.00 pm

Directions to Western Digital - please allow some time to get through Security

5601 Great Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95119

Building 50, Conference Room B1 regular meeting room

Building 55 for contests and special events

1) Get to Great Oaks Parkway:

1a) Exit 101 South to 82 / Blossom Hill Rd / Silver Creek Valley Rd, turn right onto Blossom Hill, 2nd right towards Cottle Rd, straight onto Endicott, left on Great Oaks

1b) Exit 101 North towards Bernal Rd (A), turn left onto Bernal, right on San Ignacio Ave, right onto Great Oaks

1c) Exit 85 South towards Great Oaks (1), turn left onto Great Oaks

(note, that there is no Great Oaks exit on 85 North)

2) At 5601 Great Oaks (2), turn onto Miyuki Ave towards the Western Main Gate

3) Tell the Security Guard (3) that you are visiting the Adlibmasters Toastmasters Club if you are not a Western Digital employee.

4) At the Stop sign turn left onto Raleigh Rd.

5) Turn right towards the parking lot onto the road in front of Bldg 50.

6) Park in front of the left entrance of Bldg 50 close to Room B1.

7) We are in the B-Core on the first floor, Conference Room B1 between the double set of doors. If you don't have access, tap three times on the window, which is Room B1. Usually, there's an "Adlibmasters Toastmasters" sign outside. Someone will let you in. Note that Bd. 55 is next to Bd. 50