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Lunch meeting every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month

Directions to IBM Silicon Valley Lab, 555 Bailey Ave, San Jose, CA 95141

- Please allow some time to get through Security

1) Exit Highway 101 towards Bailey Ave

2) Follow Bailey Ave - cross Monterey Rd (Brigde) and Santa Teresa Blvd (Traffic light)

3) Enter the IBM facility on your right through the Main Gate (A).

4) Immediately behind the gate a sign to the Lobby tells you to make a left. DO NOT follow this sign. The parking spots at the lobby are often filled. Instead, turn into the parking lot "Main Parking" (B) and park your car.

5) Follow the walkway towards the Lobby (C) and enter the building.

6) Sign in at the Lobby as a visitor and receive a visitor’s badge.

7) The Adlibmasters meeting room F017 is left of the lobby.